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Frequently Asked Questions:

F. A. Q.
Question:How can I sign up?
Answer:Please send us a message using the contact us page or give us a call at 956-217-3150. We can take care of all the setup process for you.

Question:What's required to electronically record?
Answer:You can find out about our system requirements in the System Requirements page.

Question:What payment options are available?
Answer:We accept payment by credit card or check

Question:Yesterday I scanned a document and today it is no longer there, why?
Answer:All documents sent to our system are temporarily stored in our system. However, if you don't record them that same day, those scans are deleted by the clean up system.

Question:The document type I want to record is not in your list, what can I do?
Answer:You can call us or use the contact us page to let us know about your document type. The county clerk in the county you're recording in controls the document types we can electronically record.

Question:Is there any limit to how many documents I can record at once?
Answer:There is a limit, but it is not the number of documents. The limit is file size. The combined file size cannot be more than three megabytes (3072 bytes) at one time. If you have more documents for the same reference, wait a minute or two for the others to be accepted, then record the rest.

Question:How soon will my recording be indexed at the County Courthouse?
Answer:Anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. We have a system in place that will alert us of any document that has been sent for recording and has not been recorded for more than 40 minutes. This to contact the appropiate parties ASAP.

Question:Can I record the same document in multiple counties all at once?
Answer:No, it has to be submitted separately to each county.

Question:What steps do I take to re-file a corrected document?
Answer:Recording is the same way, but on step two where you order the documents, you specify if the document was recorded as a correction. This is only for your own records. Only your company can run a report for your company correction docs.

Question:What happens if I realize I’ve made a mistake after clicking on the record button?
Answer:It is a good practice to stamp your reference on the first page of the document. We can call the courthouse to reject your set of documents, but it is not guaranteed to be rejected. Make sure you check your work before sending as you will be liable for any county and electronic recording charges.

Question:Can we record any file format?
Answer:No, at this time only file types "tif" and "pdf" are accepted.

Question:Can we send any page size?
Answer:No, Only letter and legal sizes with at most 1/4 inch +/- width and/or height.

Question:Does DPI (Dots per Inch) matter?
Answer:Yes, All documents must be scanned at 200 X 200 dpi.

Question:If I receive a "Rejection" from the county, what I can do?
Answer:First, view the "My Recordings" page and click on your rejected document(s). Then, click on the "Review and Record Again" button. The rest is the same as if it was a new recording.

Question:How long before my docs are available to the public?
Answer:Your documents are "of record" immediately after recording. The general public can request a copy from the court house at any time during working hours, but other title plants differ by a couple of days. You (the Submitter) can get a copy of your recorded documents at any time using this website.

Question:If www.valleyerecord.com is down after recording, will this affect my sent documents?
Answer:Sometimes. If you sent them through e-mail or uploaded them with the upload page, the documents are kept there for the reminder of the day. If you got to click on the "Record" button and got a confirmation page, then your documents are already in our system and in process. You can always give us a call to check on the status of our website or any concerns you might have.

Question:How long are the recorded documents kept in your website?
Answer:We keep recorded documents for 1 year. After that, the documents are archived.

Question:Is there a step by step guide to use your website for recordings?
Answer:Yes, you can find a tutorial here and we are ready to respond to any questions you might have. There is also a step by step demostration provided to your company at no extra charge. You can use the contact us page as well.

Question:Will I be getting a status as to whether my document was received?
Answer:Yes, you will receive e-mail notifications on status change of your document(s). The first notification is when a transaction ID is assigned to your documents, another is when the courthouse has received your documents, and the last one is when the courthouse has recorded or rejected your document(s).